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Our Mission

the problem:
Human Trafficking

In Thailand, up to 60,000 children are commercially sexually exploited every year, and many more are exploited in other forms of labor. The reasons almost always come back to a lack of opportunity. Unable to find stable income, rural Northern Thai families struggle to pay for their children’s education, feed their families, and improve their way of life.

our solution:
The Sustainability Project

We want to break this cycle, without increasing dependency. Our mission is to increase Thai farmers’ understanding of organic farming and empower them to create healthier products for their family and the environment. Through Seri, we work together to provide stable careers, new opportunities, and a sustainable living for Thai families.

Seri = Thai for freedom

However, freedom is not a reality for many children and families in Northern Thai communities who are trapped in the cycle of poverty, lacking education, resources, and job opportunities. It’s in these areas that children are at the greatest risk of becoming victims of exploitation and human trafficking. And it’s in these areas that we at The Freedom Story have devoted our time and energy into helping for the past 8 years.

In 2013, THE FREEDOM STORY began a Sustainability Project, headed by Worn Donchai, to harness the passion and skills of local members of the community interested in learning more about sustainability. This project seeks to not only improve the environment of the local region, but also the lives of the people that the land supports. Since its origin, the Sustainability Project has provided job opportunities for hundreds of villagers who have helped maintain the 14 silkworm farms and have been trained to cultivate products like soap, shampoo, and silk. Most recently, we’ve been able to spin and dye yarn with all natural dyes from plants on our property. It’s been incredible to witness the evolution and progress we’ve made in just three short years. But now we’re ready to take the Sustainability Project even further.

For every purchase, we donate the proceeds directly to The Freedom Story to fund their mentorship program for vulnerable children.