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Our Process

Good for people.
Good for the planet.

At Seri, we are committed to producing quality, handmade products with natural materials and humanistic labor practices. Here are some insights into the product process…

Number of days it takes to make each product:
  • Blanket
  • Wallet
  • Clutch
Day 15

Hand-spun cotton purchased from local cooperatives, naturally dyed at the Sustainability Resource Center

Day 40

Cotton is brought to the weaving groups, one cooperative weaves the blankets while another weaves the bag fabric

Day 61

Blankets are done! Woven fabric for bags is cut, sewn, dyed in natural indigo, and sealed with natural water resistant solution

Day 96

Dyed fabric is brought to sewing cooperatives to construct wallets and bags

From Our Hands to Yours

At least 5 pairs of hands helped create each unique Seri product. When you purchase something through Seri, you can trust that your money is supporting hardworking artisans, providing them a future of freedom and opportunity, free from exploitation.